Connecting the dots

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

By Katrien Danhieux

We write October 9th, the endless rain showers make the city of Antwerp look somehow sad. But what a big contrast with what’s happening inside the event location “De Zuiderkroon”!

Already for the 60th the Institute of Tropical Medicine organizes it’s famous colloquium, this year carrying the title Connecting the Dots.

An ideal opportunity for the SCUBY team to also connect the dots within the consortium again. At the venue and within the margins new team members met each other for the first time or reconnected. Inside our “war room” at ITM different meetings were held to discuss the progress of the project, preliminary findings and future plans.

But the colloquium was also a perfect time to connect the dots with the public outside our team. During the conference 2 posters about SCUBY were presented to many interested colleagues. Irena Makivić shared a poster on Implementation of an Integrated care package and Monika Martens and Katrien Danhieux (photos below) showed their preliminary analysis of stakeholders’ views on policy of integrated chronic care in Belgium.

Meeting up again was very energizing and will certainly get us going until the next consortium meeting in February in Cambodia, in more sunny weather ☀️!

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