Cambodian-Dutch meeting: so far away, and yet so close!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

By Daniel Boateng

On the 14th and 15th of October, Vannarath Te and Savina Chham, both PhD candidates from the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH), Cambodia, visited the Julius Global Health University Medical Center (UMCU), Utrecht, to receive training on the use of REDCap to support ongoing household survey in Cambodia as part of the SCUBY project.

The training was very successful, touching on the creating of forms in REDCap and how to use of REDCap Mobile App for offline data collection especially in settings with poor internet connectivity.

From left to right : Virissa Lenters (UMCU), Savina Chham (NIPH), Nikki Giron (UMCU), Joyce Browne (UMCU), Salisu Ishaku (UMCU), Vannarath Te (NIPH), Daniel Boateng (UMCU), Kerstin Klipstein-Grobusch (UMCU) and George Downward (Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, Utrecht University)

Vanarath also introduced the National Institute of Public Health along with its current PhD research receiving plenty of positive comments and suggestions to aid his research further. The NIPH is a public administrative establishment under the Ministry of Health of Cambodia. The institute has a broad public health mandate to: serve as the national reference laboratory; provide the Ministry of Health with health system research and policy support; and offer public health training including MPH and MSc programmes in Epidemiology, Nutrition, Health and Community Development, and Hospital Administration.

Rath was explaining the Cambodian Public Health System (WHO PEN, MoH Diabetic Clinics and Peer Educator Networks) and their distribution across operational districts.

As part of his PhD programme, Vannarath is doing research on the scale up of care for diabetes and hypertension in Cambodia. As part of the SCUBY project, Vannarath is particularly focusing on ‘Evaluating Performance of Diabetes Care Implemented in Cambodia’. He presented this ongoing project at the Julius Centre in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

More information about the NIPH

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